This piece was published by COVEN BERLIN and is based on an interview with the founder of Queer Tango Mariana Docampo in Buenos Aires . 


I shot this piece in Buenos Aires for an article for NZZ's Nicole Anliker who reported about the slum dwellers in "Villa 20" one of the biggest slums of the city. The people of "Villa 20" are fighting for basic services like electricity, water and roads to be extended to their neighborhoods which house millions of the working population of Argentina's capital city.



(August 2015) My footage and interview in Halberstadt, Germany. A town where 1,900 refugees are staying in a camp, waiting for their claims to asylum to be registered. The army was putting up tents because the authorities are overwhelmed by the rising numbers of refugees from Syria, the Balkans and Africa. Angelika Klatt - the lady I interviewed - is one of the mindful people who are trying to help refugees in Halberstadt, while other parts of Germany are experiencing increasing waves of violent racism and anti-refugee protests. 


This is a small selection of interviews I did with Syrian refugees in Berlin. 


I shot and edited this piece about a protest in Berlin about the Kachi Abadi I-11 settlements in Islamabad, which were bulldozed down by government authorities in August 2015. I interviewed a group of Pakistanis and Germans who were protesting these evictions in Berlin.



Maria Mies

Activist & Author

In this extensive interview Maria Mies talks about her political theories from "Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale" to "Ecofeminism".      


Susana Kurek

Young Dancer and Poet from Munich, Germany.

Meet SUSIC. In this video portrait I made for her, you find out about Susana's journey from classical dance to hip-hop and her uninhibited love for life.


As the online editor of the DLD magazine I interviewed many experts and celebrities from the digital and cultural world. 


Elif Shafak - Author

Turkish author Elif Shafak talks about the contradictions of patriarchy in Turkey, and how women often participate unknowingly in enforcing a patriarchal society.  


Alec Ross - Advisor to US Secretary of State on innovation

An interview about technology in developing countries, changing power structures due to a digital divide and the use of big data in political processes.



Melanie Joy - Professor of Psychology

She coined the term "carnism" and explains in this interview why eating meat is a belief system that conditions us to eat certain animals. 



Rick Smolan - Photographer 

In his book "The Human Face of Big Data" Rick Smolan explores how the increasing presence of technology in our every day lives can be made visible. In this interview he talks about the moments that made it tangible to him why we need to understand how technology is influencing societies. 



The Peermade Development Society is India's first and largest organic spice farm. It's run by Father Hubbey Mathew and lies in the hills of Kerala.

For BrandTales and Biofach 2014