I'm a freelance journalist based in Berlin. I travel regularly for assignments - be it to Argentina, South Africa, India or across Germany. 

Currently I'm part of the script writing course Drehbuchwerkstatt at Munich Film School (HFF) developing my first piece of fiction. 

Below is a selection of my most recent work on documentaries and news:

  • I was producer on the BBC Panorama Special "Germany's New Nazis", a 45 minute documentary on the rise of the populist and violent far right in Germany. It aired on Sept. 19th 2017.
  • My latest independent documentary ODYSSEE is currently screening at film festivals internationally. 
  • I produced and shot my first, award-winning documentary called POWER, about a woman teaching self-defense to women in India. 
  • Unreported World (C4) - I was the local producer for the documentary Exiled: Europe's Gay Refugees with Shaunagh Connaire. 
  • Al Jazeera English - I was the producer for a report on "The Listening Post" about the loss of trust in the media. "German Media: reporting on the rise of the right"
  • Full Measure - I was the local producer for a piece about the European Border Crisis with Scott Thuman as correspondent. Watch the piece here.
  • Full Measure - I was the local producer for a piece about the effects of the sexual assaults on New Year's Eve in Cologne with Scott Thuman as correspondent. Watch the piece here.
  • AJ+ - I shot and edited pieces on the refugee crisis in Berlin for the online channel of Al Jazeera English.
  • BBC - I regularly work as a producer for the BBC in Berlin. Most recently I was the local producer for a documentary on This World with Katya Adler on "Brexit". 
  • I was local producer on BBC's Working Lives: Berlin with Claire Tailyour from Slackwire Films.
  • I produced the contributions from Berlin for the 30under30 project, about young business women, and I produced a piece called Empowering Women for My Business about a Berlin start-up. 
  • CBS - I worked as production assistant and translator on a piece for "60 Minutes" about the American and German prison system, with Bill Whitaker as correspondent. Watch the piece here.
  • CBS - I worked as local producer on a piece for "60 Minutes" about the refugee crisis in Bavaria. Broadcast in October 2015 with Anderson Cooper as correspondent. Watch the piece here.
  • ARTE - I worked as assistant director on a 90 minute documentary about Germany by the directors Roland Theron and Vassili Silovic. Go to the website of the film.
  • ARTE - I worked as local producer on a ten part series about the historic relationship between Germany and France, with the director Roland Theron.
  • DW - I produced a radio and online piece for "World in Progress" about women asylum seekers in the UK. 

For the past 5 years I've also been program coordinator at the Dart Centre for Journalism and Trauma Europe - a project dedicated to informed, ethical and innovative news reporting on violence, conflict and tragedy. The Dart Centre provides journalists around the world with resources necessary to meet this challenge. 

I trained at City University in London and studied at SOAS.

You can find my full CV below. And I'd love to hear from you. 


Jeanny x